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Public Official/Employment Practices (POL/EPL)

This coverage is provide by QBE Insurance.

Public Officials - Claims arising out of an alleged wrongful act of a public official. Many of these claims arise out of issues involving planning and zoning boards, ordinances, and violation of civil rights.

Employment Practices - Claims arising out of an alleged wrongful act in connection with dismissal, work place harassment, failure to promote, etc.

The POL/EPL Policy and the Excess POL/Policy are claims made policies, which means all claims must be reported within the policy period and in accordance with the policy’s terms. Therefore, prompt reporting is essential and must be in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth below.

Upon the receipt of a “Claim” (which is defined in the POL/EPL Policy), the member shall report the Claim to Scibal Associates, your local JIF Claims Administrator. Scibal Associates shall immediately review the Claim and report it to the carrier’s claims adjuster, Summit Risk Services (“QBE/ Summit Risk Services”) with a copy to the Fund Attorneys (Robert Budesa and Mary Jane Lidaka), and Executive Director (Cate Kiernan).

The POL/EPL Policy requires each member to report “any incident, event, occurrence, loss or accident that might give rise to a Claim. Such report of a potential claim must be completed immediately in accordance with the policy terms. Each member should report potential claims in the same manner as a Claim, as set forth above.

Please note that early reporting of facts and circumstances that might give rise to a claim is required by the POL/EPL Policy and failure to do so could result in loss of coverage in the future. Experience has demonstrated that reporting such potential claim could result in early resolution with the occurrence of no expenses. QBE/ Summit Risk Services will offer assistance with early resolution of Claims and potential claims that are reported to them in a timely fashion.

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